Simon Moullier was born in Paris on the 21st of April 1994. He was quickly exposed to Music. Such as classical, blues, and jazz. At the age of 6 he started classical percussion in the conservatory of Nantes. Then after 13 years of classical studies, he obtained his master diploma in percussion. At the age of 15, he had been playing jazz on the drums for 5 years and he discovered his love for the vibraphone and improvisation. From this point, his life took another angle.

Simon Moullier                                                                                               The vibraphone became his main instrument. He started focusing on different phrasing techniques that highlights a more flowing than a percussive way to play the instrument. He also started relating singing to playing, by following all the notes he plays on the instrument with his voice. His techniques are what makes Simon Moullier a unique player with his own sound.                                                                        Since he became a virtuoso on the vibraphone very early, he started performing in many Jazz festivals, and clubs with his first quartet. Then, in summer 2012, he toured for his first time in Sweden and Spain.                                                                                                       In fall 2012 he got accepted to Berklee College of music with a scholarship, for the degree performance program. Simon is now studying vibes and the art of improvisation with Ed Saindon.                                                                                                                                    

After only one month, he created the Simon Moullier Quartet.

This international Quartet is an erupting volcano.  Simon Moullier (France) on Vibes, Samuel Batista (Panama) on alto Saxophone, Elin Sandberg (Sweden) on Upright Bass and Kazuhiro Odagiri (Japan) on drums. The band’s main power source is the youth, releasing a constant energy that grows in Simon Moullier’s original compositions. The Quartet is centered around jazz, but only uses it as a color in the sound, by using acoustic instruments such as the alto saxophone or the upright bass. Though it is sometimes sullied by the overdrive on the vibraphone or by the mad itching rhythms that relates to Simon’s main influences: Thom York, Steve Reich, Tygran Hamasyan, John Coltrane, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Garrett, Robert Glasper, Archive, Pink Floyds ...

The quartet has a unique sound because of the cohesion between the vibes and the alto saxophone that bring out simple and delightful melodies served with a wide range of harmonies. The Upright bass and the drums, rooted in neo soul and pop influences install a balance in the sound, which creates a new style.

After several recording sessions in the Berklee College of music’s studios, the Simon Moullier Quartet was selected by the Jazz Revelation Record label and appears on the last album "Catalyst".


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